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At some point in my life, and specifically when I’m not even sure, it occurred to me that I was both an eternal optimist and an unyielding realist. The problem with that was pretty clear, I was a house divided against itself. If I was outlandishly positive I would spend time romanticizing how things could be if miracles would occur every day of my life but they always left me feeling like I was buying into an impossible fantasy. If I was blatantly “realistic” about the world I would fall into apathy and bitterness, paralyzed by the idea that there was nothing I could do to change my life or the world around me. So I’ve sought out into the world of science, philosophy, spirituality and all other approaches I could to find the balance between the two. This website, and all of its content, serves as yet another area in my life where that journey continues, unfolds, expands and otherwise figures itself out.

What does it mean to “Get Real”?

I would never ask anyone to assume that they will have everything they ever wanted tomorrow. However, I will always maintain that in order to have what we want we must be willing to commit to being that kind of person in everything that we do every day. Someone who wants love must be loving. Someone who wants respect must be respectful. You have to actually act like the kind of person who would have the life you want. And it’s not easy. It takes practice, hard work, focus, enthusiasm, grace and a million other things. It’s painfully simple but certainly not easy.

Take this journey with me and find out if we are up to the challenge. Are we willing to forgive powerfully? Are we prepared to express compassion in new and amazing ways? Are we ready to see things from the perspective of others? Are we done letting others tell us that a world that works for everyone is a pipe dream? If so, I ask you to get real with me. Let us find more powerful and tangible ways to make the world we wished we lived in an actual possibility. In fact, let’s take it from the realm of possibility and bring it into the realm of probability.

I believe in humanity and its ability to effect change in the world. We can make it a place that works not only for ourselves but for all of humanity. It’s not a pipe dream, it’s really real.