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As the current Sr. Spiritual Leader of the Columbia Center for Spiritual Living, Rev. Brian Akers has been involved in the New Thought Movement since the age of 12. He has been involved in programs for teens, young adults, and all other ages of New Thought practitioners during his 18 years as a member of what is now the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL, previously known as International Centers for Spiritual Living, Religious Science International, United Centers for Spiritual Living, and United Church of Religious Science).

As a teenager, Rev. Brian attended over 16 annual and bi-annual youth seminars in both the ICSL and UCSL organizations, as well as participating in weekly youth group meetings among 3 Religious Science churches in Costa Mesa, San Juan Capistrano, and Huntington Beach, California.

In the year 2000 he re-entered the ICSL Youth Program as a Teen Advisor for the Newport-Mesa CSL church, and began developing and growing that program alongside Rev. Janet Moore. As a part of his role in building what would become the largest youth/teen group in the organization at that time, Rev. Brian helped write and facilitate hundreds of spiritual workshops and lead countless weekly Teen group meetings.

As an advisor for the bi-annual youth seminars, he both spoke publicly to the young attendees and led smaller groups through the annual empowerment program, serving as an inspirational mentor and resource for spiritual understanding. He credits his work with teens for helping him to develop methods of simplifying the philosophy and making it practical for younger and older audiences alike.

Simultaneously, Rev. Brian was heavily involved in the ICSL Young Adult Seminar program. A graduated adaptation of the Youth Seminar Program, the Young Adult Seminar Program was designed to continue the spiritual education and development for those aged 18 to 30. These seminars were organized, developed, and executed by members of the Young Adult Community itself through an executive planning committee of elected members.

After attending these seminars for 3 years, in 2003 he was elected Director of the Seminar Planning Committee. During his 3-year term he developed, facilitated, marketed, and executed the program every year, handling not only in the structural functions of the seminars, but also speaking to and mentoring the other young adults in attendance.

A year after his term, in 2008, Rev. Brian became the first member ever re-elected to the committee, this time in the role of Secretary. He served an additional two years, and in his last year of service the retreat finally realized the goal of hosting more than 100 Young Adults at the annual seminar.

Throughout his service, Rev. Brian studied the philosophy of Religious Science (also known as Science of Mind). His studies cultivated and deepened his desire to become a minister in the philosophy. As a licensed Religious Science Practitioner with the Newport-Mesa CSL, Rev. Brian worked one-on-one with clients to provide prayer and spiritual guidance to countless members in the center and also participated in regular Practitioner events.

In July of 2012 Rev. Brian Akers was granted his provisional minister’s license by The Centers for Spiritual Living and in April of 2013 he was installed as the Youth and Family Minister with the InSpirit CSL in Mission Viejo, CA. During that time, Rev. Brian grew the Teen Group to three times its original size, developed and implemented curricula for both Tween and Youth programs, and established a day-care system for children under the age of 4. Throughout his ministry with InSpirit CSL he was often a Sunday speaker and helped steward the Practitioners of the center as well.

In July of 2014, Rev. Brian Akers was accepted as the Senior Spiritual Leader for the Columbia Center for Spiritual Living in Columbia, Maryland and has been providing Sunday services, teaching classes, and providing spiritual and ecclesiastic leadership for the community since arriving in Maryland in August of 2014.