Real Spiritual: Thoughts Not Thought

As minister of the Science of Mind I can say with absolute certainty that thinking something does not make it happen. I know, I know, I know… there have been countless clichés, teachers and authors that have used this statement in the process of teaching others the power and authority of the human mind. I am openly choosing to disagree.

Imagine a world where everything that we think actually had the kind of creative power that this idea conveys. I’ve told many people in classes and services that if every thought I had were to come true that none of them would listen to a word I said, partially because it’s just hard to listen to someone riding a unicorn.

The problem isn’t that thinking or having thoughts isn’t part of the Creative Process of the Universe but rather that it has no power without Soul. It’s hard to articulate with words because it’s a feeling, a knowing and inner understanding that I believe every person has and yet very often none of us discuss. There is a feeling associated with every desire that we have and our mind has the ability to help unlock it’s potential and make it real.

When we turn slightly away from the idea that this is a teaching of thinking and is actually a teaching of being we get closer to understanding how important our mind is. If we have no structure to our feelings we are tossed about life like a ship out to sea with no sales. If we are too rigid in our structures we lack the flexibility to deal with the dynamic nature of life and thus deny our feelings using the world around us to tell us how to feel. How do I know this? Because I have a beautiful mind… just like you.

Our mind is a place where the Divine Intelligence of the entire Universe, or what I like to call God, has endowed us with its own creative authority. That means we can see, understand, articulate and most importantly, make decisions with a clarity that we can easily see is not afforded to most living things. This is the amazing prowess of our mind and when we unlock it, through the conscious use of it, we are limitless.

So what happens if we apply our mind to ourselves? What if we turned this idea inside out and stopped looking out at the world with our mind as if all the education in the world would give us what we’re really after? Instead, what if we looked deeply within ourselves to pay conscious attention to who we actually are? Not the person we like or want to think of ourselves as, but the person we’ve actually chosen to be based on the words we use both toward others and toward ourselves.

When we use our mind in this way we start to unlock the potential we have as the authority in our own lives. Suddenly it’s not about repeating positive words until something else decides to make it happen for us and it’s also not about the precedent that’s been set by the world as it currently is. This is the actual secret; that if we use the tool of our mind to illuminate itself we are suddenly able to see what thoughts we have ratified with our soul and thus with the very Soul of God.

Remember those feelings I was talking about? What if, instead of those feelings being reactions or subconscious and reactionary experiences we based on what was going on in the world, we suddenly viewed those feelings as decisions our mind could make?

You see, this is already happening without your conscious involvement anyway. If someone says something that makes you sad… in actuality what happened was they said something and your mind, without taking any time at all to double check its own work, decided that you were supposed to feel sad. So… you felt sad.

Imagine if you had used your mind to stop for a second, even as the sadness was trying to find its way out of you, and decided that sadness wasn’t what you wanted? At first this may just be a hope or a dream, but at least you would be noticing right?

The good news is that eventually with practice and persistence you are perfectly capable of choosing a new feeling in that situation. The power of your mind has to do with your ability to think right now so that you can decide who you want to be and how you want to experience the world around you rather than react to memorized uninformed decisions made long ago or taught to you by the words and actions of those around you. This is not a magic trick. The use of the philosophy of the Science of Mind is spiritual alchemy and your mind is the alchemist who chooses the ingredients of their creations.

So when you hear, “Change your thinking change your life” don’t mistake the idea for being a need to just think to yourself, “Oh things are different now” and suddenly they are… even though you still feel crumby. Think of it as a reminder of the ability you have to stop, be conscious and make a choice based on the goodness you desire rather than the tendency you have adopted when you weren’t paying attention. Eventually, with committed practice, that thought will help you co-create the life you’ve always wanted in perfect harmony with all the rest of creation. Not because it’s magically attracted to your thoughts but because you made a conscious choice about who you wanted to be and then started acting that way and God is affirming it in every moment of your life.

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<p>Rev. Brian Akers has been involved in the New Thought Movement since the age of 12. He has been involved in programs for teens, young adults, and all other ages of New Thought practitioners during his 18 years as a member of what is now the Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL, previously known as International Centers for Spiritual Living, Religious Science International, United Centers for Spiritual Living, and United Church of Religious Science). In July of 2014, Rev. Brian Akers was accepted as the Senior Spiritual Leader for the Columbia Center for Spiritual Living in Columbia, Maryland and has been providing Sunday services, teaching classes, and providing spiritual and ecclesiastic leadership for the community since arriving in Maryland in August of 2014.</p>

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